Board and Train

Board and Train

Our board and train is the perfect solution for the busy pet owner who wants to have their dog become more calm and learn desired skills and behaviors in a short period of time.

Your dog boards at our facility and spends a full month of one-on-one time with Talmage. This will help change the dog’s mindset, as well as behavior. Your dog will learn to look to humans for leadership and guidance.

All dogs that go through this program will come home knowing 6 basic commands through all 3 lines of communication. Commands learned are sit, lay down, get up, get off, here and bed. They will also have developed behaviors such as loose leash walking, a dependable recall, and a respect for personal space.

Talmage will also help you understand our theory of dog training and teach you how to help your dog retain what it has learned in three post-training sessions. There are two sessions at our training facility and one in-home visit to solidify behaviors with the owner as the leader. This program also includes e-collar conditioning and owner training on how to use it to lead kindly. If desired, we can also assist you in the purchase of an e-collar that will fit your needs.

1 month board and train | 3 additional training sessions  $3000

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