Talmage Smedley’s boyhood dream to work with animals has grown into a thrilling reality. His passion for animals is contagious, and he is grateful for a family that has grown to share in that passion. Each contributing their own unique talents to this burgeoning family-owned business.


Animals have always been a focal point of Talmage Smedley’s life. As a boy growing up in Utah, he transformed his home and yard into a menagerie of sorts, filled with dogs, birds, rabbits, turtles and everything else (arguably) legal in the city limits. He found himself consuming every television special and how-to book he could find that might give him insight into breeding, raising, and training his favorite animals: dogs and horses.

Talmage began riding horses as a teenager, and after serving a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, horse training became his career choice. He began training reining horses professionally in 1995 and continued that career for more than 20 years. He has enjoyed great success in horse training and breeding endeavors, alike. He has personally won multiple local and national titles, including Utah Futurity Champion, Utah Derby Champion, and the 2009 National Open Derby Level 1 Champion in Oklahoma City. In addition, horses from his breeding and training programs have gone on under other riders to win many additional titles, both in the United States and abroad.

While horses became his career, dogs remained his passion. Talmage enjoyed similar success with dogs as he had with horses, raising several champions, national qualifiers and national award-winning dogs. Talmage was just 13 when bought his first English Setter, a breed which he has always had a special affinity toward. But his breeding training and competing experience involves dogs of all types, including pointing, flushing and retrieving bird dogs, and other sporting and working breeds. In recent years he has been refining his knowledge and developing educational training courses, hungry to help the everyday dog owner build a truly remarkable relationship with their canine partner.

Talmage’s rich professional experience with various types of animals gives him a unique perspective on life. He is a coach and developer at heart who loves seeing others achieve all they possibly can. With his help you can build a truly beautiful connection with your dog, while learning along the way that these principles of leadership and communication apply to your life, universally.

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Have you ever met a dog that could do every trick in the book, but was otherwise completely out of control? The novelty of “sit”, “shake”, “roll-over” and “play dead” quickly fades when your dog begins to practice selective obedience, exhibit aggressive or territorial behaviors, or otherwise run the household. Let us teach you the leadership and communication principles that enable a truly remarkable relationship with your dog, and watch as the other pieces fall naturally into place.

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