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Gun Dog Training

A well-trained gun dog can make a world of difference for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Our gun dog training courses are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to train your dog to become the ultimate hunting companion.

T's Gun Dog Training Course Library

We’ve broken down our pointing dog program into three cycles to help give you and your dog the structure necessary for success!


(44 Videos)

Establishing a foundation for success. Teaching your dog to go to the front, find and hold point, recall off the chase, hunt dead, gun conditioning, and more!

The Second CYCLE

(3 Videos)

Second cycle is the first season of wild birds following the first cycle training.


The Third CYCLE

(33 Videos)

This is where the finishing work begins. Learn how too condition to the belly collar, teach whoa, and steady your dog to wing shot and fall.

Breakdown of Gun Dog Training Courses

About First Cycle

The first cycle is where we establish the foundation that everyone needs in order to have a successful gun dog. We will show you how to develop your dog step by step so you have the tools you need wether your goal is to compete in field trials, put birds in the bag, or just see amazing dogs work!

You’ll learn how to maximize your training in the field to prepare you for hunting wild birds by establishing tools like a reliable recall and a “to the front” hunting pattern. We also show how to properly introduce your dog to the gun and to the e-collar, making these positive tools in the field.

About Second Cycle

In the second cycle we apply everything learned during the first cycle, but on wild birds. During the first cycle we put the tools into place to have a successful first season on wild birds. In this cycle, we will focus on applying these tools. This will enable your dog to find, point, and hold wild birds; allowing you to put birds in the bag!

About Third Cycle

It’s possible at this point you are happy with you  gun dog and its ability to find, point, and hold wild birds. However, if you are wanting to finish the breaking process and steady your dog to wing, shot, and fall this course will show you how. 

This cycle covers introducing the belly collar, teaching whoa, and most importantly, when and where to use these tools to help your dog retain its style and drive during the finishing process.

Why Gun Dog Training With T's Doghouse?

Investing in a gun dog training course can make all the difference in your hunting experience. Our courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to train your dog to be a reliable and effective hunting companion. We believe that every hunter deserves to have a well-trained gun dog, and our courses are designed to make that a reality. If you are ready to take your hunting game to the next level, consider joining our gun dog training courses.


Talmage Smedley has trained and competed with gun dogs for over 30 years. Our program includes all of the knowledge and experience he has gained, allowing you to use a tried and proven system for your gun dog training.


One of the biggest advantages of an online program is convenience. Our program is designed for you to be able to train in a small field near your home anytime that works for you.


Traditional dog training can be expensive, costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month. With online videos, you can access high-quality training content for a fraction of the cost. 


With our courses, you can choose the training content that is most relevant to your dog’s specific needs. You can also repeat lessons as many times as necessary until you and your dog has mastered the training.

Gun Dog Training FAQs

The easiest answer to the question of when to start is now! Whatever the age of your dog, we have a course to help you start. The sooner you start training your dog, the sooner you and your dog can reap the benefits. 

In these courses we will use a variety of equipment including leads, check cords, a bird bag for carrying pigeons, electronic pigeon launchers, e-collars, whistles, a blank gun, and a pigeon harness with a pole.

The length of time it takes to train a gun dog can vary depending on the breed, the individual dog’s temperament, the training goals, and the amount of time you can dedicate to training. Each dog and owner have different levels of experience and time to invest. We encourage you to think of training as a journey rather than a destination. 

At T’s Doghouse we strive to create videos that are a middle ground between DIY and professional training. We want to give you a structure and program we know works, while still allowing you the joy of working with your own dog and watching them develop. This builds a deep relationship between you and your dog.

Yes! When you subscribe to T’s you gain access to all our videos including our courses on family/house dogs. We encourage everyone to go through these courses as well. This will allow you to develop the ultimate companion at home and in the field. 

In our courses we use homing pigeons to aid us in the development of skills that our dog will need on wild birds. Such as hunting to the front, a reliable and happy recall, caution in the scent cone, and additional ways of thinking that prepares them for wild birds.