Shaping Dog Training

Shaping Dog Training

When we refer to shaping in dog training we are referring to a focus on the way the dog is thinking rather than solely on the physical actions of the dog. By rewarding the dog when it chooses the behavior we are looking for we help the dog understand that its actions are directly related to getting what it wants.  We can use this to shape reliable behaviors. The dog will be obedient through a desire to gain what it wants instead of in an effort to avoid punishment.

Shaping The Mind Video Courses

These courses will set a foundation for you and your dog regardless of their age. In both the basics programs, we will shape the way your dog sees and thinks about the world, as well as shape how you view your relationship and communication with your dog. You will learn how your dog makes its decisions so you can influence those decisions, teaching correct and dependable behaviors.

Puppy Basics

(28 Videos)

For puppies under 9 months old. We will teach you the necessity of the three lines of communication and how to use them, establish positive and negative markers, teach the basic commands, and how to use all these tools from the start so you can shape your ultimate dog!

Adult Dog Basics

(30 Videos)

For dogs over 9 months old. We will teach you the necessity of the three lines of communication and how to use them, establish positive and negative markers, teach the basic commands, and how to use all these tools to shape your dog into the ultimate companion!

This course will show you how to introduce the ecollar safely and effectively. Our philosophy is that ecollars are not meant to teach; they are meant to communicate things that have already been taught. It’s important that you finish the basics course before starting this course.

What Is Shaping?

Shaping is how the environment dictates to an animal how it needs to function. All animals make their decisions based on what they think is best given the situation and enviroment. This is true for dogs, humans, horses, and every other animal we have ever worked with. This is a powerful tool because we can use our ability to influence the environment and, in turn, shape how the dog thinks. We can do this in a way that the actions we want are also the actions that the dog believes are best. This creates dependable and consistent behavior and the ability to work through new situations in real time.

Shaping You

It’s important to understand how you are already shaping your dog unintentionally. So, by changing how you think and react to your dog’s behaviors, your dog will naturally change those behaviors. Once you have this understanding you can take a proactive approach to shaping the behaviors you want in your dog!

We will teach you this, as well as how to think, so that you can effectively lead and coach your dog through situations that might arise. We will teach you how to communicate with your dog, as well as how to read the communication that your dog is giving you. 


Shaping Your Dog

In these courses we will show you how to shape how your dog sees the world and in doing so, shape how it behaves. We will show you how to implement the three essential lines of communication, establish positive and negative markers, and use basic commands to create a dog that looks to you for guidance in all situations. 

We will also show you how to use these tools in order to have a more enjoyable walk, teach leash manners, and to prepare you for success in teaching more complex behaviors. Our Shaping Behavior Courses explores more of these complex behaviors in greater detail. 

One on One Class

Why shaping?

We want you to understand why shaping in dog training is so important. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are already shaping your dog’s behavior. It would be easy for us to show you how to teach some simple commands and then say “good luck!” However, we want to set you up for long term success. By teaching you how to shape your dog’s mind we are teaching you not only how to handle things right now, but also how to handle challenges that may arise in the future.