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Online Dog Training Courses

Welcome to our online dog training course library! Our dog training courses cover everything from basic commands to advanced behaviors and it is all based on a solid foundation of communication between you and your dog.

T'S Doghouse Course Library

Our video library of online dog training courses currently spans 7 comprehensive courses with over 170 unique videos ranging from training family pets to training bird dogs. And we’re not done yet! More videos are added regularly. You can check out the libraries and get sneak peaks to the courses below!


(3 Courses, 66 videos)

Shaping Behavior

(30 Videos)

Gun dogs

(3 courses, 73 Videos)

Why T'S Doghouse Online?

Geographic Accessability

No travel, get access to all training videos from wherever you are!

Step by step Instruction

Step by step progressive methodology with proven results.

Training Consistency

You develop the relationship with your dog needed for lasting success.


Access to all video courses with over 170 videos, a $3,500 value!

Understanding Our Online Dog Training Courses

Shaping The Mind

Everyone needs a solid foundation with their dog, and in these courses we build that foundation. Communication is key. We show you how to communicate in all three lines of communication: verbal, visual, and physical. Equally important, we teach you how to read your dog and understand the communication they are giving you.

Shaping The Behavior

Here we focus on how the communication you learned in “Shaping The Mind” can be used in everyday life. We break it down into two sections, “In The Home” and “Out On Adventures”. We will show you how to use the three lines of communication to stop bad behaviors such as jumping, barking, and accidents in the house, as well as teaching desired behaviors like running with your dog, outings to the store, and how to stay on the bed.

Comparing Online vs In Person Dog Training Courses

Benefits Online In Person
Geographic Availability Available everywhere Restricted to courses near you
Time Restrictions Available anytime day or night Limited scheduling options
Price Currently $25/mo OR $250/yr Hundreds to thousands per course
Reviewability Review as many times as you want You hear it once and it's gone
Duration You can subscribe for as long as you need help Set length of time whether you're ahead or behind
Course Material Our content updates and grows You get a one time snapshot