Dog Training 101: Uncovering the Root Cause of Bad Behavior

I have a lot of people reach out to me for advice concerning behavior problems in their dogs. Many are at the end of their rope, wondering if there is any hope of change.

Often the owner feels that their dog is wonderful in all other ways. One of the most common sentences I hear is, “My dog is great, except…” It’s just that one problem. If they could just fix that one thing, life would be great!

When I hear these statements, the following questions come to mind: “What have you done to explain this to your dog?” “Does your dog know that you don’t like that behavior?” “Does your dog know how you would like him to act?” Of course, the answer would be no. This shows that there are two underlying problems. First, there is a lack of communication. Second, there is a lack of leadership.

We can all identify things we don’t like; it’s creating change that can be the challenge. The unwanted behaviors are not the actual problem. They are just symptoms of the problem. The actual root problems that need to be addressed are lack of communication and lack of leadership. When you learn how to implement these two critical skills, behavior problems disappear like magic.

  The first tool that every dog owner needs is the ability to communicate effectively with their dog. Once this is accomplished, they need to step forward and start leading.

It is truly remarkable how we can affect a dog’s life; and it is very rewarding to watch them become more and more confident and happy as we implement good leadership and effective communication.

Through T’S Doghouse video subscription, you will be guided step by step to learn these essential tools. As you develop your ability to communicate effectively and become a good, kind leader, you will come to understand that leadership and communication really do allow each dog to live their happiest life. It also creates that incredible bond that everyone dreams of having with their dog.