Shaping Behavior Dog Training

Dog Behavior Trainig

Behaviors are the first things people think of when dog training, we want our dogs to behave a certain way, but the first steps are always shaping how a dog thinks. Once we have shaped how a dog thinks now we can start creating the more complicated behaviors that we want our dogs to exhibit! If you’ve not started with shaping the mind, we encourage to go there first!

Shaping Behavior Video Courses

The shaping behaviors part of our programs are broken down into two courses, shaping behaviors in the home, and shaping behaviors on adventures. All the actions we shape in these courses will be created using the tools taught in the shaping of the mind so if you haven’t been through those go back and take a look!

Dogs In the home

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In this course we focus on common behaviors that you may deal with in the home such as, staying on the bed, how to handle people at the door, as well as addressing common places of poor behavior such as jumping on people.

In this course we focus on preparing you for all the fun things that you can do with your dog! This includes things like running with your dog, meeting new people and dogs, and going on outings to new places. 

What Is Behavior Training?

Training a dog in certain behaviors can be a complicated process. We may wish it was as easy as switching a car part and never having to worry about that but it’s now. It is a lot more involved than that. Your dogs behaviors are based on the relationship you have with the dog and how the dog is perceiving its environment so changing behavior often involves changing how we are reacting to our dogs, or changing the environment for our dog to better ensure acceptable behavior. The sources focus on that process. How we can use the three lines of communication we built in the shaping the mind course in order to create the behaviors we want from our dogs. 

Behaviors We Work On

We focus on a wide variety of behaviors in this course. We address house training, staying on the bed, handling the door, good manners at the vet, heeling and running with your dog, going to the store, meeting new people, and more! We really focus on creating a dog that knows how to act in a variety of situations rather than only obeying simple commands. All the behaviors we teach will be based on the basic tools learned in the shaping of the mind course.  


An Ongoing Process

The cool thing about a subscription video library like we have here at T’s Doghouse is that it is ongoing! We are constantly thinking about new adventures and behaviors that we can show you so that you can experience the greatest relationship possible with your dog! as we teach our dogs new things we will film and share it here with you!

One on One Class

Why shaping?

We want you to understand why shaping in dog training is so important. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are already shaping your dog’s behavior. It would be easy for us to show you how to teach some simple commands and then say “good luck!” However, we want to set you up for long term success. By teaching you how to shape your dog’s mind we are teaching you not only how to handle things right now, but also how to handle challenges that may arise in the future.