One On One Class

One On One Class

One on one coaching is ideal for owners who want to take the lead in training their dog while receiving personalized guidance and individual coaching from Talmage. This is also the best option for dogs that have exhibited human or dog aggression that would prevent participation in a group setting

In this option, you meet with Talmage weekly for 6 weeks. This one on-one-setting allows you to focus on specific questions and challenges that may be unique to you or your dog. Talmage will personally teach you our theory of dog training, and guide you in using it to create a wonderful relationship between you and your dog.

You will learn you the three lines of communication: touch, visual, and verbal and how to use them to lead your dog. Talmage will help you teach your dog basic five commands: sit, lay down, get up, get off, and here. These tools will empower you to create a deep and lasting relationship with your dog. Your dog will begin to look to you for leadership, for guidance, and for their needs to be met – the perfect recipe for both your and their dreams to come true!

6 week duration | 45 min weekly class | $1250

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